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C & S Well Service, Inc. specializes in providing the right pump, at the right price for all residential and commercial applications.  


There are 5 main types of well pumps:

Commercial and residential pump solutions

1.Shallow Well Jet Pumps


The jet pump comes in two different types. The shallow well and deep well jet pump. The shallow well jet pump will connect to the well borehole water column with only one suction pipe and also has a lift capacity of no more than 25’. This jet pump has the jet mechanism installed in or on the pump at the ground surface. A jet pump is much easier to prime than a centrifugal pump.  


One pipe is designed for suction the other pipe is used to return water to operate the jet unit which is installed in the well borehole below water level. Large jet pumps with the proper horsepower can pump water to the surface from over a 100’ below the ground surface. Excellent for small homes, mobile homes, camps, etc. Compact, tankless, and self-adjusting capacity—automatically adjusts to the water demand within the pumps capacity.  


These pumps are mainly for home use and irrigation use. Basic jet pump unit includes pump, motor, pressure switch, tubing & fittings, air volume control valve, suction check valve, nozzle & diffuser. Let us price your complete jet pump well project.  

Residential and commercial pumps

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2. Deep Well Jet Pumps


The deep well pump is used for well drilling applications that are deeper than 25’ from the ground surface. It has two pipes within the borehole water column.


3. Submersible Pumps


The submersible pump is the most common and used well pump. It can be used in both shallow and deep well applications. The smallest submersible pump can fit into a 3” or larger diameter well. The 4” submersible pump is the most popular. These pumps are capable of pumping large volumes of water from deep wells.

4. Centrifugal Pumps


The centrifugal pump has only one pipe that goes down the well borehole into the water column and it is only used for shallow wells because it can generate the suction to lift water no more than 25’. Centrifugal pumps rely on centrifugal force as the fundamental principle by which they operate. These pumps are mainly for irrigation purposes.


5. Sump Pumps


A sump pump is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a water-collecting sump basin, which are commonly found in the basements of homes.