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A large majority of homeowners and commercial properties rely on ground water for its drinking & working supply. C & S Well Service is northwest Florida’s premier water supply provider for all types of wells.

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Drilled Wells


The most common and preferred water supply for homes that are not served by a public system is the drilled well. Drilled wells are constructed by either percussion or rotary drilling machines and equipment that penetrate from about 100’ to 400’ plus. To properly serve as a water supply, a drilled well must intersect bedrock fractures containing ground water. The upper part of a well is lined with casting to prevent the well walls from collapsing and to protect contaminants from entering the system.  


Dug Wells


Dug wells are one of the oldest techniques for securing a water supply. Simply, dug wells are created by digging a hole in the ground with a shovel or backhoe. Dug wells have usually been excavated by a backhoe below the groundwater table until incoming water exceeds the digger’s bailing rate. Dug wells are not typically dug very deep. Usually, dug wells are 10’ to 30’ deep.  


Driven Wells


Driven wells are constructed by driving a tube into the ground to a water table above the bedrock. Driven wells are also referred to as a sand point well. Driven wells can only be constructed in areas with loose or sandy soil. Usually, the driven well is 2” in diameter, and up to 30’ in depth.  

Types of wells

•Residential, commercial, and industrial

•Sprinkler and irrigation wells and pumps

•Project consulting

•Sales, service, and installation

•Deep and shallow wells

•Turn-key service company

•Pumps and pump repairs

•Jet and submersible pumps

•Pressure tanks and miscellaneous accessories

•Emergency service and storm response

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