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C & S Well Services, Inc. specializes in residential & commercial well plugging. There are state guidelines and permits that need to be obtained to plug wells. We get the permits and handle all the inspection process with local officials so that your well plugging project is completed in the most professional, state required manner.

Plug your well safely and responsibly

An abandoned well that is not plugged, or that is plugged improperly, is a hazard to the health and safety of people living around it. Lawsuits could arise from unplugged or improperly plugged wells presenting you with a potentially liable situation.

Ensure your well is legally compliant

Merely capping an abandoned well is not enough to prevent it from becoming a problem and legal nightmare.  State laws require property owners to have their unused wells properly plugged. Improper well plugging can lead to area groundwater contamination. A well can only be plugged or abandoned by a licensed water well contractor. Homeowners cannot do this legally. Failure to adhere to governmental regulations can lead to expensive lawsuits or fines.

Let us ensure your well is plugged properly

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“Please remember, well abandonment applies to water wells, monitoring wells, commercial wells, residential wells, test wells and observation wells.”


         Mark Cobb, Owner